Founders Statement

God has blessed the United States because of our “Christian heritage” and made her the greatest nation on the face of the earth. But now, because the U.S. as a nation has turned away from the Lordship of Jesus Christ and is now embracing evil, our nation is suffering the consequences. 

After the Columbine High School disaster, I watched interview, after interview, after interview. Everyone was asking: how could something like this happen and why did this tragedy occur. What was almost as disturbing as the tragedy itself, I never once heard even a hint as to the real reason why this heartbreaking event took place. It was then that I realized our mainstream media is blind to the truth. It is unlikely they will ever shed light on what is really happening, or why. It appears that they have fallen victim to the same evil principalities that have seduced many of our citizens away from their Christian heritage and the blessings of God.

It frustrates me when I see people in positions of authority compromise by not taking a stand for what is right; especially when most of them claim to be Christian. I can remember praying and asking God to raise up men and women in our nation who would expose what is really happening and why without compromise; people who are not ashamed of their Christian testimony or fearful of persecution.

I can also remember praying, Lord, I am neither worthy nor capable of exposing what is happening, but I am willing. I can do nothing, but you can do all things. Lord, if it be your will, here am I, use me. If you give me the message, a message that will expose the deception and lies that are destroying America, a message that will also reveal the glorious light of your truth, I will do all I can to get it to the American people.

There is an old saying: “be careful what you ask for; you just might get it.”  God did give me a message and by His power and grace, the message is now being proclaimed. The American Truth Fellowship was developed to help get the message out. It was also developed to help Christians who have the desire to make a difference get involved. All believers now have the opportunity to help expose the deceptions that are taking place in America and reveal the light of God’s truth for salvation by becoming a member of The American Truth Fellowship. It is my hope that every Christian in America will put aside their differences and help place a copy of “America Past, Present and Future” into the hands of every family in America!

Let us all work together and give everyone the opportunity to know the truth about America. More importantly, let us give everyone the opportunity to receive Jesus Christ as personal Savior. Together we will preserve America’s Christian heritage and proclaim the Gospel of Christ until that glorious day when the Lord Jesus comes!”

In His Service,
TR Stone

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